Vietnam Mid 2019

Children impacted

With the great love and support from our donors, volunteers and partners, the Mahrberg Foundation was able to launch its 5th Mahrberg Library project. After several months of preparation, 20 volunteers from 7 countries headed to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It was an opportunity for the volunteers to spend their summertime to go to a place they had never been, and meeting with children they had never met.


Throughout the 11 days in Ho Chi Minh City, the Mahrberg Library volunteers conducted engaging and fun English lessons, computer classes, sports activities and educational topics in various topics such as Art, Music, Outdoor and Health & Environment.


Whether a project is successful or not cannot be said at first glance. Only when we look back several years later, can we determine the real impact we made by seeing how the children fared, but for now we can confidently say that the volunteers had life-changing experiences – and we know the children had a great time, too.


Our journey never stops. Mahrberg Foundation will continue to expand its work to different parts of the world so that the children we meet can also live a life for the sake of others through the great examples of Mahrberg Library volunteers.

The intention of Mahrberg Library is to give children the opportunity to experience a holistic way of education and growth through a playful and interactive setting. Children have the opportunity to express themselves in arts and music, to learn more about their environment and health, challenge their limits in sports, learn how to utilize a computer and get to know new people from other countries so it can help them overcome barriers in their life.


We emphasise on teaching English so the children can continuously nurture their desire for knowledge through access to the world wide web, the world’s largest library and ongoing conversation with our volunteers from around the world. Most of our volunteers come back from the project with experiences that have changed their attitude towards themselves and life. This is our definition of what mutual growth looks like.


Modern technology gives us great ways of communication, even if you’re thousands of kilometres apart. Using this bridge, our international volunteers give weekly English lessons via the internet filled with joyful activities such as songs, games and stories. As their English skills improve, the children strengthen their bond with the volunteers, and our pursuit of a global network of volunteers and children is one step

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