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We are currently planing our next projects abroad and are always looking for likeminded people who would love to join us on our mission. 


We are providing modern educational infrastructure and selected materials as well as edutainment programs and ongoing remote English lessons with iternational volunteers and regional partners for children in need.

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Volunteer Projects 2022

Join us on our mission and come with us to our projects abroad:

Nepal: Far away from the capital Kathmandu somewhere at the feet of the Himalayas, we will again start the mission of providing the children of Okhaldhunga with English and computer education and building two completely new schools in 2022. Together with our amazing partner VIN accomplished the first project in 2019 and built a Community Learning Centre for the people of Okhaldhunga. We continue to provide the children of more remote places to enhance their learning infrastructure and provide them with the utilities to participate in our online English lessons and get access to the unlimited knowledge of the World Wide Web. For sure the most challenging but also very rewarding volunteer project.

Estimated Project Dates: End of February/beginning of March 2022 and November 2022.
Estimated costs per person: 1.300€-1500€



Mongolia: The highlight of all our Saturdays! The girls of the Desert Rose Children Home have participated already for more than 3 years in our online English program and improved their English skills to the point where you can have simple conversations with them. This follow-up project will provide the WeTomorrow library with additional books and computers, enhance the internet connection, and give the adorable girls days full of learning and joy!

Estimated Project Date: 07.07.2022 – 19.07.2022
Estimated costs per person: 1.300€-1500€



Romania: Romania was one of our very recent projects and took place in 2021. We renovated a room at an orphanage home in Gura Humorolui and equipped it with English books, computers and an internet connection. Even though Romania is, from the outside, not a very poor place, these children are oftentimes highly traumatised and are truly enriched by the loving relationships they create through the project. The project in Romania will be a summer camp with volunteers from the area where the orphans will gain valuable knowledge in English and computer education while having a lot of fun.

Estimated Project Date: 14.08.2022 – 21.08.2022
Estimated costs per person: 600€ – 800€



Cambodia: Established in 2017, the WeTomorrow building continues to give 
children in Kampung Speu the chance to be part of our weekly English lessons, read books in their mother language & English and use the tablets donated by WeTomorrow in 2020. This is a follow-up project and will further improve the infrastructure of the building, and the children of the area will be able to participate in the education classes you give!
Estimated Project Date: 08.12.2022 – 20.12.2022
Estimated Project Cost per person: 1.200€-1400€

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“Experiences like these not only make you see the better in the world, but also inspire your heart to seek for your better self.” – Are you ready to embark on journeys that will change your life forever?

You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteering with WeTomorrow. This makes you a part of a community of like-minded young people that believe that their actions make a true difference.


How you can support us

Give Online English Lessons


Every Saturday, our volunteers give online English lessons from home to children around the world.  

This is a very easy way to help them develop their English skills. If you have a good internet connection and enjoy spending time with amazing kids – you are in!

Join a Project as Volunteer

Every year we organize several projects in places where education is most needed. We build libraries, teach classes and immerse ourselves in a new culture. For these missions, we are constantly seeking volunteers who are willing to donate their time and energy

Join our Volunteers Club

At WeTomorrow, a lot of work is contributed by our Volunteer Club – and you can join us! This gives you the opportunity to help children in need, develop your professional skills and you are going to be part of our amazing community.

Building libraries

Strong partners such as NPOs, companies or private investors are an important part of shaping our projects.  This is an amazing opportunity for us to expand our work, but it also helps companies or private investors to grow their network and raising awareness of their social responsibility. 


Discover past projects

Romania Mid 2021

This 8-day trip to Romania will be the first time we conduct a summer camp and we are super excited to open the trip for volunteer applications. We will arrive at Iași International Airport and will make our way north to Gura Humorului.

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Albania 2021

This 9-day trip to Albania will be exciting and challenging. We arrive in Tirana and will make our way north to Kukës where we will spend the next week turning a room into a library at Riza Spahiu Advanced Elementary School. There are 435 children between the ages of 6-16.

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Nepal Late 2019

We are proud to announce that Mahrberg Foundation has successfully launched its 6th Mahrberg Library Project in a community learning center in rural Nepal – a project which couldn’t have happened without the love and support from our donors, volunteers and partners.

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