Our library in Nepal needs your help!


"Experiences like these not only make you see the better in the world, but also inspire your heart to seek for your better self." - Are you ready to become inspired as a volunteer for Mahrberg Library?

Join us!

You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteering with the Mahrberg Library. This is an opportunity to create a positive impact and be part of a movement for brighter tomorrow. Make a difference to the lives of many and join us.
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These is our most up-to-date statistics on our volunteers.






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The first step to volunteer abroad with Mahrberg Library is to determine whether you meet the requirements that ensure the highest standards of our projects. If this is the case, you can fill out the application form below. Our head of Volunteering Alan will reach out to you as soon as possible.
Most importantly, 100% commitment!


Since we will be visiting foreign countries and especially since we are teaching English to our children, we require you to be proficient in English orally and written.


Our trips lead us into the depths of territories in different cultures and make us interact with all kinds of people. To make sure you're sufficiently prepared, we set the minimum age for our volunteers at 18 years.


Whether it is handcrafting, computers, sciences, music or art, we prepare our education programs with you in mind. Tell us about your interests and hobbies and we'll do our best to find a way to incorporate it.
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