Alone, we can achieve only so little, working together, however, we enable ourselves to change the world.

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Mahrberg Library has made it its mission to provide educational programs and infrastructure to children in need. Our projects can be divided in three steps: The establishment of a Mahrberg Library, weekly English classes through Skype and the installment of computer and internet. Our volunteers from all over the world spend two weeks providing educational programs and spend time with the children. So whether you’re a children center, orphanage, school, asylum center or refugee camp, feel free to contact us to discuss potential partnerships.
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Ongoing Partnerships

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How to become a partner

We value transparency, interest in personal development, sustainability and curiosity. Feel up to the task of working for a brighter tomorrow? Get in touch!

English classes

Are you a representative of a project you think might be aligned with our values? Are you a teacher looking to educate children around the world? Get in touch with us!

Project Partner

Convince us your project is a perfect fit with yours from wherever you are on this beautiful planet and we will be happy to find out what options we have in working together. Our on-the-spot projects usually go for 2 weeks and include English classes, fun lessons in sports, health & environment, music and art. Reading this just made you smile? Show us and get in touch!

Be part of our Library network

Every single one of our Mahrberg Libraries is one of many entities. Their sum is a global network of places where people can learn, prosper and relax. Our concept of this library is comparable to a safe harbour of knowledge and those interested in it. Such a harbour needs a lot of care. If you want us to expand our network to your project or location, we require you to be ready to actively care for it. Let's join hearts and hands and build this network together! Get in touch.

Ready to join forces?

Join us in our mission and help children all over the world get the educational chances they deserve.
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