The Mahrberg Library

A place of knowledge, calm, personal growth and independent exploration.

Books and interior

We are building places for children so they may have safe, creative learning environments and appropriate materials selected by experts to meet their various learning needs and levels. Our efforts begin with the choice of colour, going all the way to locally made furniture and end with paintings and handcrafts by our volunteers and the children.

Computers and the web

The Mahrberg Library provides children with access to computers and engaging and interesting games and learning software. All Mahrberg Libraries are equipped with an internet connection allowing the kids to dive into the depths of the world wide web. This infrastructure enables us to implement educational programs like weekly English lessons or computer classes.

Location criteria

The selection of the site for a new Mahrberg Library depends on clearly defined criteria. We are constantly searching to expand our network of local partners, who are locally doing great and sustainable work to protect and care for children and thereby improving the future of their country. So far we built libraries at rural schools, children and community centers as well as orphanages. Our team regularly visits the locations and implements reporting standards. 

Our Library Locations

We're working on getting all locations displayed nicely here in the near future. Stay tuned and check back in a few weeks.


These are our most up-to-date statistics on our impact with our library network.

Children benefitting


Libraries established


Books donated

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