English Education

As globalization widens its reach, we put an emphasis on preparing our children for the future of tomorrow. Thus, English Education is a vital part of our projects.

Why English lessons?

Our goal is to empower children to be able to participate in the global community. As English is the most widely spoken language, most educational content be it websites or books, being able to speak and understand English opens the door to educational opportunities worldwide. Therefore, we invest a lot in preparing our English classes on-the-spot during the project as well as online for our ongoing commitment to the Mahrberg Libraries we already established.

What do we do?

Integrating songs, games, stories and small video clips, our goal is to give a fun and engaging approach to learning English and fuel the motivation and curiosity of children even more. The content of the English classes is in a first step carefully selected by our education team but gives our volunteers the freedom to implement individual elements.

Learning by doing

The online English lessons give us the possibility to stay in contact with the children we worked with. We learn about their successes in school and about competitions, about their dreams and likes and dislikes. Our experiences show that the lessons with the volunteers in which the kids are encouraged to speak English prove to be a lot of fun and extra motivational. After our first year at Desert Rose Children Center (Mongolia 2018), we found our children to be much more engaged in actual English conversation, being a lot more confident speaking to their friends, the volunteers.


These are our most up-to-date statistics on our impact with our ongoing English classes.

Kids in English classes




Lessons given

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