Digital Education

Artificial intelligence and automization are on the rise. To make sure our children can keep up, we start teaching them how to use computers and the internet very early on.

Why digital education?

All around the globe, information technology is not only on the horizon, but started to take over on human jobs more swiftly than we would have imagined. To ensure that our children grow up on top of technological advancements, we also have computer classes with them. In those, we not only teach them how to use a computer, but also take a leap into the depths of the world's largest library - the world wide web.

What do we do?

Together with our committed volunteers, we conduct classes on-the-spot and teach them how to use computers from turning them on to using the keyboard and the mouse to creating and saving documents. We are also currently planning the ongoing classes with all the existing Mahrberg Libraries including topics like how to use typewriter, calculations and presentation software, find what you are looking for in the internet, and what dangers you should avoid when browsing the web.

Bright as a screen

On-the-spot we emphasize on letting the children experiment. We want them to get a feeling for how a mouse works and that they understand what a touchscreen is as many of our laptops have this feature. Additionally, we make sure to show them some of our educational applications. In partnership with, we were able to install a lot of engaging and interesting programs for the children to experiment with. During these classes, we are surprised by how quickly children seem to pick up on technology and how to use it.


These is our most up-to-date statistics on our impact with our ongoing computer classes.

Laptops donated


Programs installed


Children impacted

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