Cultural Exchange

We do not only care about the personal development of our children, but also encourage our volunteers and anyone else involved to take leaps into new worlds, to open their hearts and to learn something new.

We promote exchange

Expand your knowledge of the world and experience a new country for a truly fulfilling experience. Our projects provide young people from all around the world with the opportunity to explore other cultures, traditions, customs, beliefs, societies, languages and much more. Joining our projects and seeing the world from a different perspective, our volunteers regularly state that their view on the world and their luck has changed. It not only broadens their horizons and increases their tendency of acceptance but also creates intercultural friendships that last a lifetime.

We promote friendship

Apart from supporting children around the world, we are also inspired by the actions of like-minded people and others around us on a daily basis. We are proud that our community is inclusive and outstandingly supportive of all its members. Whether you just want to call someone in the middle of the night or you want to talk about something that’s on your mind, we have got your back.
Did we mention that we are a pretty fun bunch, too?
"Through my experiences in Vietnam, my focus points and what I value every day has shifted from big dreams to the small things. I am eternally grateful for being a part of this community and project."
Naomi Santo
Volunteer @ Mahrberg Library


These are our most up-to-date statistics on our volunteers from all around the world.





Hours invested

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