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Mahrberg Library gives education to children in developing countries.

The library is a place for children and students to stay after school for studying and to read books in both, English and their local language. The Mahrberg Library team aims to create a cozy, warm and friendly environment in the library for the students. With interesting material, such as books, movies, comics etc. we want everyone at the library to study while having fun and to make a step towards having a better educational opportunity.

We BringEducation

Encouraging independent learning

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

Through teaching basic English skills, Mahrberg Library enables children to learn by themselves one day. That’s what the library facility is built for: To enable people to get the knowledge they need by themselves. We’ll provide the instruments for it, which is an interesting room, full of fun learning material. The students will feel the need and motivation to learn more by themselves and we’re going to support and nourish this need.

Teaching English

As a world language English gives people the access to a lot of information, intercultural exchange and the possibility for a career (since speaking English is nowadays regarded as one of the key skills). That’s why Mahrberg Library believes, that teaching English is a very valuable instrument the children can use in their lives. Due to the technical devices we have we can stay connected anytime anywhere. Through offline efforts of local volunteers and video class via online, children will have the opportunity to learn the basic skill they need for the future.

Bringing technology to the children

Less than 10 percent of schools are connected to the Internet across developing countries. Mahrberg Library provides computers for children to be engaged with technology widely needed in the current days.

After installment of computers, volunteers provide basic education on using computers and internet leading up to programming sessions to enhance children’s overall skills

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