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INSIGHT is a monthly giving program with 100% of every dollar going directly toward education for a child. You’re making a difference, every single month.
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With your donation to iNSiGHT you not only support our ongoing journey towards many more connected libraries and children all around the world. With our special Child Sponsorship programme we also support children from areas around our libraries in their education.
Muna Ghatani
11 years old
Muna Ghatani
11 years ago
Muna Ghatani is 11 years old and attends grade 4 at Raktamala School in Nepal. At the age of two, she lost her father, who took his own life, and only three years later she suffered another tragedy, when her mother died in a devastating accident. This made her an orphan at the age of five. Fortunately, her uncle took her in and thus gave her a roof over her head. But unfortunately, the money is barely enough to make ends meet for herself and her family. Although Muna was hit by severe blows of fate at such a young age, she has not lost her joy for learning. Teachers even describe her as a hard-working student. Be her light at the end of the tunnel and encourage her in her tireless fighting spirit by enabling her education and giving her a hopeful future!
Nirmal Pariyar
8 years old
Nirmal Pariyar
8 years old
Nirmal Pariyar is 8 years old and attends the 2nd grade at Tinpiple School in Nepal. His parents abandoned him without warning and broke off all contact with him. Thus they have left their young son with feelings of grief, incomprehension, longing and doubt, which can have fatal consequences for a child's healthy development. His guardian angel is his grandfather, who has taken him in and tries to take care of him and himself. Although he does the hardest work as a woodcutter and is thus additionally exposed to great risk on a daily basis due to his advanced age, he barely earns enough money to feed himself and Nirmal. Despite all these circumstances, Nirmal has never lost his zest for life. He has great fun learning and is very inquisitive. You too can be his guardian angel and enable him to find his way into a future full of opportunities!
Shanta Charmaker
6 years old
Shanta Charmaker
6 years old
Shanta Charmaker is 6 years old and attends 1st grade at the Himalayan School in Nepal. When she was just completing her first year of life, her father lost his life, leaving behind a single mother with three children. Shanta's mother is a hard worker and fighter. Every day she works in a quarry under the hardest and most dangerous circumstances just to be able to feed her family, but her job as a stone crusher does not bring in enough money to cover the living expenses, which is why this family is in dire financial straits. Shanta is a very intelligent girl and a good student, even described by her teachers as meticulous in her work. Reach out your hand to her and give her a way out of this hopelessness by enabling her further education and thus a better tomorrow!

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