Mahrberg Family Office

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Wonderous individuals, backed by the Mahrberg Family Office

Our group of companies developed from a family office. Mahrberg is located in the heart of Europe and its corporate activities reach to all corners of the world. These activities span across multiple industry groups and are always approached from a wholistic perspective by considering tradition as well as innovation, sustainable high profitability as well as social responsibility and ethical role modelling as well as economic impulses – as is apparent from the long and successful story of the founding family.

The roots of the family office are located in the European Alps. Beginning in the 16th century, a globally operating group of experts has formed and has been successfully navigating through diverse periods – always under the
>leadership of the owning family. A family constitution provides for sustainability and prosperity, as well as responsibility for today and tomorrow.

Mahrberg shares its historical heritage, seeks present opportunities and carefully sows fruitful seeds to keep reaping merits in the future. We invite you participate in our global activities – all aimed at creating sustainable business relationships, long-term success and a more peaceful planet. We are looking forward to have you as a part of the Mahrberg Family. Mahrberg welcomes you!

In the last years our family’s tradition of donating for charities has developed in the way that we integrated a social project which is called «The Mahrberg Library» into all our core activities in the wealth management service. It is a non-profit-foundation that stands for sharing, partnership and particpation involving ourselves, our sons and employees as well as friends, clients and investors,  volunteers and NGOs from all over the globe in a common experience of action and happiness bringing character-, language- and computer-training alongside with infrastructure to orphan houses in need. It has become a source of inspiration to everyone involved and helps us to live vividly the Mahrberg Family’s tradition and understanding of wealth.