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About Us

Mahrberg Library is a project of Mahrberg Foundation. We are working for a brighter tomorrow by providing children in need with educational infrastructure and intercultural exchange.

We strive for a brighter tomorrow.

Our main goal is to provide educational infrastructure to disadvantaged children in developing countries. We build and renovate libraries all around the world and visit those children to nurture their natural desire for learning, playing and social care.

vision and hopes

Mahrberg Foundation evolved out of the founder family’s tradition of charitable donations as an integrated social project. It has been incorporated into all core wealth management activities. This decision was driven by the belief that profit and purpose need to go hand in hand for the good of our future world.

Our ultimate goal is happiness and the well-being of all mankind and preservation of our environment. Advancing toward this goal depends largely on education and enlightenment. It requires emotional and intellectual growth  and the elevation of family and society. Learning is reciprocal and requires the broadening of horizons by intercultural and interactive experiences. This works best when applied with practical projects, boosted by technology to help expedite this process.

Mahrberg Library is a project of Mahrberg Foundation, a Swiss non-profit institution. It embodies happiness promoted through sharing, participation, partnership and friendship. Together, we seek to provide educational infrastructure and programs to kids in need with the help of volunteers from all around the world.

What we do

Mahrberg Library focuses on two key elements to enable children to start a career of lifelong learning: English as well as computer education.

Our experts select and provide appropriate learning materials to meet the various learning needs. The English lessons are conducted by our volunteers during the project and continued back home remotely on a regular basis. For this, we equip our Mahrberg Library with computers as well as learning tools and games. We are in continuous contact with our responsible local partners to guide and instruct the children cconcerning the use of computers and the internet. During our projects we aim at creating a fun, natural and reciprocal learning environment benefiting both the children and volunteers, who are well selected and prepared for their goal. They are models of character to the children leading the educational activities as well as helping with the finishing, repairing or upgrading works of the library.

We cherish the precious volunteering spirit with our Volunteer Club, fun and engaging activities, reunions and communication on social media to grow this network of leaders for a brighter tomorrow.
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Our Family

Elias-Maria Spari

Co-Founder / Community
“Be yourself, be insightful and go new paths for a brighter tomorrow.”

Elias-Maria is 21 years old and already gained many insights into the nonprofit sector as a Co-Founder of Mahrberg Foundation. He is passionate about creating a community where people can fulfill themselves and loves to ignite sparks of hope in people around the world.

“You’ll only find purpose in life if you live for the sake of others.”

Ann Wilson

“Be curious, courageous and compassionate for a brighter tomorrow.”

Ann has 10 years of experience in social development in developing countries, and she is passionate about people finding their inner strength and belief in themselves. She’s lived in 5 countries, loves traveling, spicy food and furry animals.

“There is nothing better than witnessing someone realizing that they CAN do it or that they ARE worthy.”

Alexander Winter

„Spreading stories no one else would hear.”

Alex has several years of experience in photography and videography and combines this with his studies in International Business. At Mahrberg Library he particularly enjoys accompanying our projects in third world countries and searching for stories worth sharing.

„To see the successes of your good deeds fills you with positive energy that will never let you go again.”

Nina Harlander

“Be caring, remember to have fun and smile for a brighter tomorrow”

Nina is a seasoned traveler and has volunteered 6 times in 4 countries.
She speaks German, English, French, Korean and Japanese and is seriously passionate about every child receiving a proper education!
She loooves everything chocolate AND ice cream - and she dreams of one day settling close to the sea so she can take nice long walks with her beautiful dogs.

“Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.”
Nina Harlander - Education Programs
Pascal Dörflinger - Marketing & Technology Specialist

Pascal Dörflinger

"Be inspiring, audacious and playful for a brighter tomorrow."

Pascal is 20 years old and found his way to Mahrberg Foundation through his digital marketing company. He loves other people's smiles, children are his weak spot and he promotes the idea of everyday mutual teaching.

"The biggest mistake you can make in your life is living with the constant fear of making mistakes."
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