We Bring Education Joy Libraries Books Technology To Children

We are dedicated to helping others! Through our contribution, developing countries and the whole world can make a significant step towards a more sustainable, peaceful life!

Our Mission


Children are deeply curious. We nurture their curiosity through our education programs and libraries.


We all need love and appreciation. Our volunteers become a vital part of the children’s growth.


Children are our future. Let’s enable them to make the world a better place themselves. We strive for a better future for them all!

Our Principle


We encourage people from around the world to be a part of our mission to make the world a better place. Motivated, inspiring people from Germany, Korea, the USA, Austria, Switzerland and many others already joined us.


Of course, we do not plan to change the world alone. We happily invite everyone to dedicate their resources to serving the bigger picture – to support children in need.


Peace – harmony in personal as well as impersonal relations

Our ultimate goal. We believe, that peace is the product of love and proper education. Thus, we try to impersonate just this.